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I was a business consultant and Entrepreneur for many years. During this time I had many attorneys and often felt that they certainly knew the law but often did not understand my business. About 8 years ago through my business efforts, I was in a place and time in my life where I could take some time off. I was always curious about the law and made the decision to attend law school. The first law practice I joined was not a fit for me. When I left I wanted to have a law firm that understood business and had a common sense approach to all forms of law The Affinity Law Firm was founded and immediately merged with the Law Office of Millie Kanyar. A strong partnership was formed that relied strongly on technology, business models, and an "affinity" for the law. In a short time another partner joined, Graham Syfert, and we have not stopped growing. Affinity Law now handles many types of law but has not forgot the basics that client service is number one. From the sound of our name you will find our approach to law refreshing. I hope that if you have read this far you will give us your enough trust to come in and see us and we will earn your trust. - Gust Sarris
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TRIM Notices - Duval County Florida VAB Board Real Estate Tax Appeal

Tax Assessments are coming soon. Everyone should know that Duval County will be sending the TRIM notices this week! That means you are noticed what the real estate tax assessment are going to be for your house. If you disagree you only have 25 days to file the appeal!!! Don't let the time expire and lose your rights. Everything you need to file the appeal is included. However, if you do nothing you will lose your rights. If you need help call us at 904.398-9510 for free assistance! This is just for your information.


Mark Goodman said...

The PETITION TO THE VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD - REQUEST FOR HEARING - form is very poorly designed. It doesn't mention the $15 that must accompany the form. It doesn't tell you where to mail the form or who to make the check out to. Who do you make the check out to? Simple directions like that would help out!

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