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I was a business consultant and Entrepreneur for many years. During this time I had many attorneys and often felt that they certainly knew the law but often did not understand my business. About 8 years ago through my business efforts, I was in a place and time in my life where I could take some time off. I was always curious about the law and made the decision to attend law school. The first law practice I joined was not a fit for me. When I left I wanted to have a law firm that understood business and had a common sense approach to all forms of law The Affinity Law Firm was founded and immediately merged with the Law Office of Millie Kanyar. A strong partnership was formed that relied strongly on technology, business models, and an "affinity" for the law. In a short time another partner joined, Graham Syfert, and we have not stopped growing. Affinity Law now handles many types of law but has not forgot the basics that client service is number one. From the sound of our name you will find our approach to law refreshing. I hope that if you have read this far you will give us your enough trust to come in and see us and we will earn your trust. - Gust Sarris
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Dr. Howard Schneider potential civil lawsuit or class action

It is official that JSO is investigating Dr. Howard Schneider. Adsum Law Firm has received an incredible amount of information regarding many parents who have had very bad experiences with this dentist. Attorney Gust Sarris believes that a class action lawsuit will occur based on not only the parents allegation but previous patients who were treated as children who remember their experience over 20 years ago with Schneider. Anyone with information please contact Adsum law Firm at (904) 398-9510.


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